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Small Living Room Design Tips

Sunday, July 14th 2013. | Living Room Design

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If your living room area is small in space, it is most likely that you also have less furniture and furnishings to organize. However, this doesn’t have to be your final alternative if you have a small living room. Making a design for a small living room may proof to be a challenge, but it is quite satisfying when you finished with your small living room design project. There are a few things that you can do for your small living room to make it look larger in size. Here are some of small living room design tips you can follow to make your living room comfortable and attractive.

Color selection in small living room design

Paint your living room walls with lighter colors. The good selections of color for small living room walls are shades of yellow, green or blue. These lighter colors help to create an impression of a more spacious room. If you want to make your small living room feels cozier paint one side of the wall with darker colors of blue, brown or red.

Utilization of mirror in small living room

After painting the walls, the next thing you can do to create a visually larger area for your small living room is by clever use of decorative mirrors. Place the mirrors on one side of the living room wall to reflect some ornamental items and create illusions of a larger space. To make the living room area seems even larger, avoid using hard wood tables. Instead, use glass table top.

Upholstery Selection

To prevent your small living room appear smaller and more constricted, choose monochromatic upholstery with light colors that go in harmony with the overall color of your living room. Also, it is best to avoid mix and match of colors.

Window Treatments for small living room

You want to have as much natural light as possible in your living room area, regardless of its size. However, in small living room, it is even more necessary. Therefore, select window treatments that are made from thin fabrics.

Right accessories and decorations for small living room

You should select decorations that are functional and able to complement your furniture and fixtures. Lastly, remember not to over-decorate your small living room. The decorations you choose should help to make the room looks larger. Reflective decorative items, like wall mirror as well as glass top coffee table are good choice to decorate your small living room.

In closing, always remember that even though you have a small living room, it does not mean that you cannot create a comfortable and beautiful place for you and your family members. I hope by following this small living room design tips, you can have the living room you have always been dreaming about.


small living room design tips

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