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Living Room Design Basics

Monday, July 15th 2013. | Home Design, Living Room Design

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Living room is an important room for any house. As a matter of fact, living room is an antechamber of the house that often also serves as a connecting chamber between different rooms in the house. The living room is also a private space for family members to gather together and enjoy each others’ company as well as a public space when there are guests in the house. For these reasons it is important for you to design your living room to look the best. Inn this article, we will equip you with a few basics on how to design your living room.

When it comes to living room design, basically there are two main aspects you need to consider carefully to make your living room looks lively and roomy, which are color and furniture. Other aspects to consider are brightness, reflection, floor and lighting. We will discuss in more details about each of the elements below:

Role of Color in Living Room Design Basics

It is best to pick bright colors that will complement each other and at the same time also create impression of larger room. Therefore, suitable colors to be applied in living room are white, lemon shades or peach. These bright colors will create comfortable atmosphere in the living room and make it look larger to the visitors. However, if you choose to apply dark colors, it may not be the best choice as it will make the room feel more intense and create an impression of a smaller room.

Living Room Furniture

Another thing you would need to consider is the furniture. Things like sofas, fabrics as well as other items in the living room like the display cabinet should have colors that match with each other to create an exquisite look for your living room.

Importance of Brightness in a Living Room

A living room should be bright as it will provide a sense of attraction for the family members as well as providing memorable experience for the house guests. Brightness would create welcoming and jubilant atmosphere. To spruce it up, you can add fresh bright colored flowers and drapes. Try to avoid dull and dark colors in your living room design ideas.

Create Larger Living Room by Reflection

Using well placed mirrors to create a visual impression of a larger room is not a new thing in interior design. It is a trick that has been used by interior designers for ages. If you have a small living room, do not fret as this trick can be very useful.

Living Room Floor Design Basics

For living room floor, you would want to use a ceramic tile because it is sturdy and long lasting. Alternatively, you can also use wall to wall carpet, vinyl flooring or polished wooden floor. If you want to make your living room looks cheerful, then polished wooden floor is a good choice.

Lighting in Living Room Design Basics

Last but not least, you would need to consider about the lighting as it has a very tight connection with other elements. Generally there are two types of lighting to consider. One is natural lighting, which is only effective during the day and the other is artificial lighting, which can be used whether it is day or night. For natural lighting, it is important for you to make sure that the living room has sufficient windows so there are enough natural light. However, you also need to consider about the artificial lighting and therefore, you need to carefully scrutinize the suitable places for to install the lighting.

Those are the basic elements in living room design. We hope that by knowing these elements will help you to better design your living room and make it comfortable for the other family members as well as the guests.


living room design basics

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