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Living Room Decor Guides

Friday, July 12th 2013. | Living Room Design

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It does not matter how big your living room is, what matters most when you are thinking of your living room decor is that you want to have a living room that is both comfortable and accommodating towards the needs of the household residents. Therefore, it is best to utilize living room decor that is able to create the right ambiance for the house residents and guests alike.

Living Room Decor Principles

The living room is a very crucial area in a house as family members spend substantial amount of time doing various activities, like gathering together for family game night or watching a movie or TV show together as well as entertaining guests. Due to these reasons, it is important to make the living room as cheerful and lively as possible.

The atmosphere in the living room should be enjoyable for all who enters. The decor of the living room should reflect the preference and character of the house residents. Often you do not have the liberty to determine the architectural attributes of your living room, but you definitely can add your own style of furniture, lighting and accessories to make it look wonderful.

Living Room Walls Decor

Major factor that affects the appearance of a room is its walls. The colors and texture of the walls can make a different look to the room. For instance, if you have a small living room, then you can make it appears larger by applying bright colors. However, if you really like dark colors, you can get a single wall painted with a matching dark color to make the room looks more interesting.

Living Room Furniture Decor

Living room furniture includes sofa set, side table, center table, dressers and display cabinets with various type and sizes. When selecting living room furniture, you should always remember the dimension and color of the room. Do not overcrowd the living room with furniture if you have a small space and always maintain a sleek and straight lines design for the furniture.

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Flooring in Living Room Decor Guides

Another important element in living room decor is the flooring. The best flooring material for living room is ceramic as they are extremely sturdy and long-lasting with capability to endure wear and tear for a long time. Other flooring options are wall to wall carpeting and vinyl flooring, which are available in different colors and types.

Living Room Accessories Decor

Lastly, to add to the character of your living room, add accessories like rugs and cushions. To make your living room more interesting you can also showcase your souvenir collections. However, the main thing you should always remember in creating a decor for your living room is to avoid clutter, so your living room will look clean and tidy.


living room decor guides

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