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Four New Design Ideas for Single Men’s Bedroom

Thursday, July 11th 2013. | Bedroom Design, Home Design

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When comes to bachelor’s bedroom, most men like it to look simple and clean, yet remain comfortable and functional at the same time. Ideally the room should express feeling of liberty, vigor, manliness and privacy. I am sure you are no difference and here are some of the things that you can apply when you are designing your own bedroom.

Bed, the first element in men’s bedroom design

As a single man, naturally we want a large and roomy bed with a lot of freedom to wiggle and turn while we are sleeping, right? My suggestion is to get a large size bed, with minimum of Queen Size bed, but preferable a King size bed.

Get a manly look in a men’s bedroom with a platform bed

platform bed 01 Four New Design Ideas for Single Mens Bedroom

Platform beds are perfect choice for single men’s bedroom, why? Because they are simple in design, yet elegant at the same time. They have a very sleek design with clean lines that demonstrate strength. Platform beds come in various materials, namely: leather, metal and wood. If you want to be perceived as independent, decisive, firm and has a refined taste, then leather is a perfect choice for you. However, if you want to be seen as strong and modern man, then pick a platform bed made from metal. On the contrary, if you feel you are conventional, then choose a wooden platform bed. Choose the one that best suits your taste.

Linens and blankets for men’s bedroom

I don’t need to remind you about this, but I guess I will just write it once more. Always keep a simple clean and cool design for linens & blankets. Avoid lacy and fluffy designs for this item.

Keep men’s bedroom tidy with a dresser.

Whether you are an easy going or a well-organized type of person, a dresser with plenty of drawers and shelves is a necessity as it will provide you with sufficient storage space for all your belongings and help to keep your things organized and tidy.

Other items to make a men’s bedroom comfy and functional

Some of the smaller items you can include in your bedroom to make it more cozy are:

* Bedside lamp. This is very important if you are a type of person who loves to read

* Alarm clock is equally important to keep you from oversleep and miss the all-important speech from your CEO

* TV, stereo and your other favorite gadgets.

Last but not least, do not forget to include some decorations and accessories in the room. Small and simple decorations like souvenirs from various places you have been would be sufficient.

Those are some of the items that will surely help any bachelor to create a bedroom design that is simple, yet comfortable at the same time.


four new design ideas for single mens bedroom

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