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Five Trendy Bathroom Design

Monday, July 15th 2013. | Bathroom Design, Home Design

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When it comes to rooms inside a house, bathroom is one of the rooms not many people spend a lot of their time. However, bathroom is definitely one of the most private chambers in the house. Design of a bathroom should be lavish and relaxing to set the right mood at the beginning of the day as well as to end day. Congenial bathroom design ideas will transform a bathroom from a mere place to take a bath into a place to relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

Despite the size of the bathroom, you should never neglect the basic components in a bathroom when choosing a bathroom design ideas you would like to apply. You would need to consider the color you want to employ for the wall and floor. Additionally, you should also consider the required storage space as well as mirror placement and various bathroom amenities like the wash basin, shower cubicle and bathtub.

Here I want to provide you with some well-liked bathroom design ideas that commonly adapted as an idea for you when you are designing your bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

As modern houses come with smaller sizes, bathroom size has also been adjusted proportionately. Therefore, modern bathroom design uses many fitted furniture which are made to measure to complement the limited space available. Fitted cabinets, vanity and storage will surely provide sufficient space for all your toiletries, cleaning fluids as well as towels, but at the same time they do not occupy excessive space in your bathroom. To save even more space, consider placing these fixtures in overhung position so you can have more floor space in your bathroom.

Traditional bathroom design

The traditional bathroom design usually refers to bathroom design in Edwardian or Victorian style. This is a bathroom style that would be suitable if you are living in a cottage or a villa retreat. However, if you are living in a modern high rise apartment, then this style would not be suitable for you. The landmark of this style is the bathtub that is made as the focal point of the bathroom. The best way to apply this style is use a free-standing bath on a dark color polished floor. In terms of color selection, both soft and bold color works well for this style of bathroom. Make sure the bathroom is well illuminated with a luxurious chandelier. To make your traditional bathroom design even livelier, consider hanging some pictures on the walls. The beauty of this design is that clutter will make it even livelier, so do not be afraid to place various decorations in the bathroom.

Country Style Bathroom

This style of design is the easiest type of bathroom design to create. First, you should use floral print wallpaper to cover the walls. Select furniture that made from various material of wood, like maple, oak or beech. You can opt to use wooden floor or tiles for the bathroom floor. You can employ a free-standing bathtub for this style of bathroom design. Should you want to have a separate shower enclosure, you can use a walk in shower covered with a shower curtain.

Fantasy Style in Bathroom Design Ideas

The bottom line in this bathroom design ideas is being adventurous and dare to explore beyond the conventional design ideas. This design ideas gives you the liberty to be innovative and genuine. The application of this bathroom design style is limited to bathroom with large space. Employ sophisticated equipment like steam cabin and whirlpool baths to create a futuristic look and feel for your bathroom. Additionally, you can also add waterproof TV or TV mirror in the bathroom.

Ethnic Style Bathroom Design

You may want to design your bathroom to certain ethnic style to give it a unique look and feel. Sometimes you may also want to employ ethnic style if your house is designed to a certain theme. The emphasis in this style is the various arts and artifacts from certain cultural background the bathroom is designed in, including the colors and patterns. This style of design also provides you with a lot of freedom to explore your creativity. As an example, some bathrooms designed in Bali style often place the bath in an outdoor enclosure. Placing the bathroom in the outdoor allows you to decorate it with various plants that make it feel more natural and lively.

It does not matter which bathroom design ideas you want to utilize, the most important thing is the design adopted are able to create the comfortable ambiance you intended. Consider the color selection carefully as well as the furniture arrangements so you can have your most desirable bathroom design.


five trendy bathroom design

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