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DIY Platform Bed for Bedroom

Monday, July 22nd 2013. | Bedroom Design

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050808 diybed01 DIY Platform Bed for Bedroom

Platform beds are one of the most popular types of bed these days. There are many advantages in using platform beds, because they combine style with functionality. Platform beds are of streamline design and will fit perfectly into your bedroom’s modern and minimalist style. Additionally, it also provides opportunities to include storage space underneath the platform.  These reasons make platform beds are able to cater to the needs of various demographics, from young professionals to teenagers and even toddlers. With that being mentioned, utilizing DIY platform bed for bedroom will certainly give you many benefits.

Unfortunately, due to the increase in their popularity, platform beds price has also risen along with the demand. A lot of designer’s platform beds are sold for a few thousand dollars for standard size double bed, while queen and king size beds can cost even more. In this article, I want to provide you with a solution to this matter, especially if you are budget conscious in your bedroom remodeling project. Instead of buying one from the store, you can build your own platform bed. The best part about platform beds is the fact that they can be built with relative ease. Below I will provide some tips on how to build DIY platform bed for your bedroom.

Before you start working on your platform bed, you need to know the major parts of a platform bed. These are:

  1. The headboard
  2. The platform
  3. Storage boxes

Materials for DIY platform bed for your bedroom

There are two types of wood that is used in making a platform bed, these are poplar and plywood. The parts of platform beds that is made from poplar wood are facing, cap, rail, mullion, stile and platform edge. Meanwhile, plywood is used for the following parts: back, end, divider, panel, top, bottom, toe kick face, toe kick end, cleat and platform. Other materials needed are joining plates, wood screws, sandpaper, enamel, latex primer, glue and finish nails.

Equipment necessary in making DIY platform bed

This is pretty straightforward as you would need a drill or screwdriver for the screws. In addition, you should also prepare a hammer for the nails.

Process in making DIY platform bed

When making the platform bed, you should use a circular saw with a “speed square” to make sure the cuttings are precise. You would need a large and flat table to support the materials when cutting and gluing. Depends on your preferences, you should design the platform bed accordingly. For instance, if you prefer to sleep in low-lying positions, then you may not include the storage boxes in the design.

In closing, I wish you the best of luck in making DIY platform bed for your bedroom. I hope this will not only help you to save money, but also to get a bed that able to provide you with maximum comfort and function. You can visit online resources like Ask the builder or Popular Mechanic for detailed instruction on making your own platform bed.

Here are some pictures of platform beds to give you more ideas and inspiration for making DIY Platform Bed:

platform bed 1 DIY Platform Bed for Bedroom


diy platform bed for bedroom

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