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Beginners Home Interior Design Guide

Friday, August 2nd 2013. | Home Design

Here is an article titled beginners home interior design guide which we hope will be useful for you

beginners interior design guide 1024x686 Beginners Home Interior Design Guide

So you decided to do interior of your house on your personal, without hiring interior designer? Great.

I am certain you’ll find ideas in the following article to be quite useful. I’ll try to make this as easy as possible for you by giving you interior design guides.

Let us start.

First of all, you will need to have a design strategy. Interior designers never begin any design function, without having a plan and therefore you should plan ahead your design. The first thing you’ll want is a comprehensive design plan. Your design plan will include the following:

a) Region / part of your house you want to create an interior design

First of all, choose which room in your house, you want to begin with. Don’t make a common mistake by beginning the project on all bedrooms, living area and kitchen. However, select just one room you want to begin with as a starter.

b) Listing all changes

Write in your own design plan. What changes you need to make in the actual selected room. You should not skip this step, because this will be your core design plan on which your room will  be based on. Without this plan, your room design may look disorganized.

c) Budget
This really is self explanatory, but I will elaborate a little on this topic as well. How much money you need to spend on decorating the interior of your house? Your list of changes you previously made may help in deciding about the budget.

d) Layout of the home
Draw outline or layout of your house to show the various rooms. You do not have to be perfect, but draw room sizes with a scale.
Then on another piece of paper, draw furnishings you are currently having in the rooms and cut them out using scissors.
Now after going through each one of these processes, you are prepared to start decorating your house. First take your cut furniture pieces and place them in a variety of positions you intended on your home layout. See what you prefer most. Be creative and imaginative with your ideas, then choose one.

interior design guide 1024x768 Beginners Home Interior Design Guide

After that, now is the time for you to actually apply it to your home. Start your planned changes one by one. It is likely to take time. However once it’s completed, you’ll really have a home you fall in love with.

That concludes this article about interior design guide for beginners. I hope it is helpful for you in decorating your home.



beginners home interior design guide

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