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bedroom furniture for single women

Thursday, July 18th 2013. | Bedroom Design

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There is nothing comparable to the thrill when you have your own room to decorate. This is especially true to women as we like to decorate and make a unique appearance of a room that is truly ours. Hence, when we are out of our parents’ home and having our own space we can decorate is a joy like no other. Now comes the difficult part, where we have to determine what kind of bedroom furniture for single women we want to have? Would it be a turn off if it is too sexy? Are we pushing it too far by having red lace? Here are some guides for you:

College Dorms

You maybe a little upset at first by the size of the room as many dorm rooms are extremely small. Most colleges care more about how many people they can cram into a single room than personal spaces of the residents. However, do not fret as you can still make your first woman bedroom comfortable and cozy enough. To do this, get pillows and comforters you like along with your favorite wall portraits. These are all the items you can bring with you to your college dorm rooms.

Match Your Personality with the room

The easiest way to decorate the room and have it demonstrates your personality is by means of color selection. Indeed you need to choose your favorite color for your bedroom, but you also need to be aware that not all color are meant to be put on the wall. Take hot pink for example. This color may look great on your jacket or mini skirt, but it will look extremely bright on your walls that it may be visible at night and make you difficult to sleep at night.

You should select color that match your personality and still make your room looks beautiful. Avoid dark colors as it will make your room looks smaller. Instead choose colors soft and pastel colors. However, if you have preference to certain dark colors, you can still accentuate your room by combining the soft colors with a splash of dark colors on one side of the walls. This also goes for your bedroom furniture. You should choose furniture with shape and color that match your overall character.

When it comes to furniture, even though as women we like lace, but you should avoid black and red lace. Instead, choose bold and deep colors for your lacy decoration. Bedroom sets with deep and curving design will be perfect selection of bedroom furniture for single women. Combine this with lighting that have low light setting to make your bedroom even more attractive. Next, choose bed with large and extensive headboards as well as foot boards. To finish the look, combine it with comfortable pillows and sleek comforters.

Those are some ideas of bedroom furniture for single women bedroom. I hope you will have varieties of idea on how to decorate your bedroom and make it into a space that is truly “you”. Here are some pictures that I provided for your so you can have better idea on your bedroom furniture design:


bedroom furniture for single women

We also provide some images and videos about bedroom furniture for single women hope you like this. This video is found on Youtube bu doing web search with the following keywords bedroom furniture for single women.

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