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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Sunday, July 14th 2013. | Bathroom Design

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One of the things to do when you are remodeling your bathroom is to select the suitable bathroom tile. As a matter of fact, if you want to do a low budget bathroom remodeling, it can be done by simply changing the bathroom tile design to give your bathroom a new look.

The most important thing in deciding the bathroom tile design is to determine how you want your bathroom to look. In this article, we will offer some concepts about bathroom tile designs that may inspire you when you are doing your bathroom remodeling project.

Which part to tile

First step in choosing bathroom tile design is to determine the place where you want to tile in your bathroom. You can opt to cover all parts of your bathroom walls with tiles or only parts of it. If you opt to cover only parts of it, the most practical thing to do is to cover parts where walls and floor will have more contact with water, like shower enclosure, around the bath and sink and the entire bathroom floor.

Tile Design and Bathroom Theme

Second step in your bathroom tile design is deciding the theme of your bathroom tile. You should choose bathroom tile designs that match the overall theme and style of your bathroom decoration. As an illustration, if you have a country style bathroom, it is better for you to use slate floor tile, while for the walls you can choose the more rustic earth tones. On the contrary, if you have a modern style bathroom, you may want to choose mirror tiles. Additionally, you can complement the bathroom with some Italian glass tiles for the finishing touch to add the contemporary look to your bathroom. Meanwhile, if you want to have a classic look for your bathroom, you can use simple but attractive and timeless design by using checkerboard tile designs by combining black and white tiles.

Tile size and arrangement

Next you also need to consider the size and arrangement of the tiles. Bigger tiles can cover wider area and are effective in covering the walls or wide empty space. Meanwhile, small sized tiles are effective in covering small area around the sink and bath.

Pattern of Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The final step is to determine the pattern of your bathroom tile designs. Some of the most common patterns that you can choose from are border, diamond and mosaic. Amongst these patterns, mosaic is the most sophisticated one and therefore is least popular in terms of application. Border tile design is the pattern mostly used in many bathrooms, because it is quite simple. You need to have to different type of tiles, where one will be the main tile and the other type are placed around the main tile. Meanwhile, for diamond pattern, you need to place tiles of different color diagonally.  

In closing, you need to pay close attention to these elements when you are doing your bathroom tile design. I hope that above article will provide you with insights and ideas on what kind of tile design to apply in your bathroom.


bathroom tile design ideas

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